On April 25, 2015, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal.

Having worked with impoverished communities in Nepal for over 8 years, we were on the ground when the quake hit. And we aren’t leaving.


As we distribute crucial emergency aid to communities devastated by the quake, we are also helping them recover through the following long-term interventions:




Sub-districts (VDCs) receiving aid
Active Temporary Learning Spaces
Families that received tin sheeting for emergency shelter
Families receiving food or hygiene support


Why Tevel is positioned for impact:

  • Ongoing presence in Nepal: Before the earthquake it was our intention to continue our transformative long term work in Nepal. Now our commitment is stronger than ever; we are here to stay.
  • Extensive and committed Nepali staff: Our Nepali staff of 55 includes senior management, financial management and experienced field staff, enabling us to implement complex operations, relief work, and community development, successfully.
  • Intimate knowledge of Nepal and of our specific communities: Enables us to conduct relief work by activating the existing community networks, thus strengthening community structures and preventing dependence.
  • Existing structures in communities: Our existing women’s, youth, teachers’ and farmers’ networks are effective and reliable tools for disseminating knowledge and resources in the affected communities
  • Relationship with local government at the district and village levels: Allows us to receive updated and accurate information from local authorities to prevent replication of assistance efforts and promote coordination and efficiency.
  • Official Status in Nepal: We are recognized by the Nepali government as both an international INGO and local NGO, enabling us to receive funds without excessive bureaucratic complications.

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