“I Lift My Eyes Unto the Mountains”

A Journey of Tikkun Olam with Yossi Klein Halevi

Delve into the deep connections between Judaism  and global social justice, experience Jewish and Eastern  spirituality and ponder Israel’s place in a changing world  on a unique journey to Nepal with renowned  author  and journalist  Yossi  Klein  Halevi  and activist and social entrepreneur Rabbi Micha Odenheimer.

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During this very special ten-day trip, you will encounter one of the world’s most complex and culturally -rich societies, a delicate web of Hinduism and Buddhism. As you travel from the vibrant capital, Kathmandu, to the remote villages of  the Himalayan  foothills, you will  closely engage with women, farmers and young people who are struggling  with poverty, climate change, and urbanization.  Through unique interactions with local leaders and the individuals they help, you will gain an insider’s perspective into the challenges Nepalis face and the urgency for change. You will see how Israelis and the Jewish people can have a transformative effect by partnering with impoverished populations and learn about the global issues that need to be addressed to create a more just and beautiful world.

There will also be time for fun as you take in the stunning scenery and culture of Nepal-view  the sunrise over the Himalayan peaks, practice your yoga, shop at local markets and eat authentic Nepali village food while giving a hand in Tikun Olam.

Volunteer in Nepal working with village women

Volunteer in Nepal working with village women


*Based on double occupancy. Single room option available at additional cost.

DATES: September 4-14, 2017

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The visit to Tevel in Nepal was fascinating. In the face of extreme poverty, Tevel has been able to provide thoughtful and humane points of light where they have worked. I left with a great sense of pride at the work that Tevel is doing.”
David Gappell, Director of Schusterman Foundation-Israel
“Seeing the Tevel model at work was better than any brochure or web page – and made clear the huge impact Tevel b’Tzedek is having with the communities you are serving as well as on the volunteers and staff. I don’t think I exaggerate by saying that the Tevel experience is life-changing for all involved!”
Dina Gidron, Israel Representative, Pears Foundation