Prayer flags for the homeless:
Honor the 750,000 Nepali families who lost their homes in the April 2015 earthquake by hanging Tevel’s prayer flags in your Sukkah.
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Nepali villager near the ruins of his home

Nepali villager near the ruins of his home

*All proceeds from the sale of the flags will support Tevel’s rebuilding program for 25,000 Nepali villagers. Read more about our earthquake relief program here

On Sukkot, Jews around the world leave the comfort of their homes and spend 8 days in makeshift housing. For us it’s an enjoyable tradition.

For the millions of Nepalis left homeless after the earthquake, it’s a devastating reality.

From our Sukkot, we send them our most heartfelt prayer of hope and solidarity.

Prayer for the homeless in Nepal and around the world
“May it be Your will, G-d of our fathers and our mothers, that you guard us and all those who dwell on this earth from suffering and ordeal, from natural disasters, evil decrees and war. And through the merit of our desire to build, according to your desire, a home for you in this world, may your compassion reach all those whose homes were destroyed, and send your help from where holiness dwells so that they may rebuild their homes quickly and without obstructions and delays, homes that are shelter from rain and storm, homes filled with grace and kindness and love. And bless them and their villages and communities with fitting livelihood so that they are not forced into wanderings and migration, pushed from their land as if sold as slaves or handmaidens. And let us merit—and realize for You—a home for the world that is filled with righteousness and justice, loving friendship, solidarity and peace. And to the hungry and thirsty, send faithful sustenance and provisions.You who suspend the earth upon a void, bring salvation to human beings and to the beasts of the field. Amen.”
Jewish Prayer for the Homeless
Why Prayer Flags?
Tevel Prayer Flags for the Homeless

Tevel Prayer Flags for the Homeless

Prayer flags are a common sight in Tibetan Buddhist regions in Asia, draped from homes and trees, on hilltops, mountain passes and religious sites. These flags are not only bright and attractive decorations, but also serve a purpose, conveying prayers and blessings to the world. Traditional Buddhist prayer flags have different images or mantras; the Buddhists believe that when the wind blows the flags, the prayers are activated.Although there may be some sensitivity regarding the borrowing of a form from another religion, this kind of borrowing occurs constantly as cultures influence each other with forms and techniques.

How can you help?
These colorful and vibrant prayer flags, printed with a prayer for the homeless, will be a beautiful decoration for your Sukkah, add new meaning to our beautiful holiday and help support life-changing work for those most in need.
  • Include Tevel’s prayer flags in your Sukkah decorations
  • Use our Study Guide to hold a text study in your Sukkah
  • Spread the word, share our prayer flags with friends and family
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