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Volunteer and Impact! Professional Development Practice - with Jewish Spirit

Join a group of like-minded adventurers and activists in a life-changing service learning experience in rural Zambia. Work alongside local and international activists to create sustainable change for rural communities while participating in Tevel’s training experience, introducing you to one of the most important movements on the current global agenda – ensuring that all mankind has a chance for a full and dignified life, including ample food and clean water, no matter who they are and where they live.

Main service areas:

Program Partners

This program is funded in partnership with

Pears Foundation

Shalom Corps




Participants will spend 3 months in Zambia as a group, dividing their time between service roles within projects with Tevel's local partners, and a fully facilitated and subsidized academic program run by Tevel's Israeli staff.

After a one week orientation and opening seminar participants will travel to their respective project sites as smaller groups, and receive professional onboarding and orientation for their specific roles. Periodically the cohort will convene for weekend seminars.


Volunteers will participate in a unique academic and professional curriculum, contextualizing the service across several disciplines, in addition to providing practical tools and experience. Starting from pre-flight zoom sessions and recommended readings, through in-country orientation and onboarding, followed by weekly sessions and monthly weekend seminars and concluding in an end seminar, participants will engage in an array of activities and training across the following themes:

  • International Development – Ethics, History and Politics
  • Tikkun Olam – Social Justice in the Jewish Tradition
  • Local Challenges, Global Context
  • Storytelling and Advocacy training
  • Research project – assessing impact and best practices in the field

Logistics and Costs

Accommodation, food transportation and  programming  are all planned by Tevel staff and with support of our local partners. Participants will share rural living arrangements within small co-ed groups. Limited power and network access, no indoor plumbing and limited access to services and food selection should be expected.

Transportation will be based on Tevel's vehicles (self driving), public transport, rented vans, bicycles and walking.

The program is 80% subsidized through our partnership with the Israeli Shalom-Corps, covering all costs of accommodation, ground transportation, food and educational programming. Participants are expected to cover their own International travel and participation fee of $900 ($10 a day, for 90 days), in addition to Visa and insurance costs.


Volunteer Role Descriptions

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Further Details​

As complicated as international travel and volunteering has become in the wake of COVID-19, we are confident that by taking the necessary precautions and adhering to a strict Vaccination condition, we can provide safe environments to participants and communities. We are likewise encouraged by the fact that organizations such as Peace Corps and VSO have recently resumed volunteering in Zambia.
In order to protect communities, partner organizations and participants, we require all participants to present a COVID-19 vaccine document when applying.
The program is generously subsidized by Shalom Corps and Pears Foundation, covering most of the program’s expenses – educational program, accommodation, transportation, food and project funding. We ask participants to pay a participation fee of 900$ for the 3 month program ($10 a day). In addition to fees, participants are expected to cover their own airfare, entry visa and travel insurance.
Please fill the form below and we will be in touch! the process will all be managed online, and decisions will be given by January.
We are following the recommendations of the American CDC and the Israeli ministry of Health’s regarding Zambia’s COVID status. In addition we are closely monitoring trends in Zambia and will err on the side of caution. We are aware that it’s difficult to make long term travel plans in the current climate that we live in. We are making all the preparations necessary for the spring Zambia cohort but unfortunately not everything is up to us. If this program interests you – we encourage you apply even though there is some uncertainty .
We aim to provide a Shabbat and Kosher friendly environment for participants, where conditions are limited. How does this look like? All meals provided by Tevel will be vegetarian and cooked in our own cookware. Participants will have access to food prepared before Shabbat, or will be able to shop in advance for provisions. There will be no scheduled activity that interferes with Shabbat or Holiday.
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