Programs for Groups

Programs for Groups

Tevel can organize special volunteer opportunities for groups, organizations, federations, and more. Please contact us if you are interested in having Tevel design a volunteer program for your group, including hands-on experience in creating sustainable change for rural communities in combination with Jewish learning.

Location: Zambia

Program Partners

This program is funded in partnership with

Pears Foundation

Shalom Corps

Who should apply?

Outstanding service learning opportunity for aspiring development practitioners, farmers, entrepreneurs, educators and activists.

We are looking for young professionals seeking a meaningful service opportunity focused on the socio economic challenges in Zambia, and the global south in general.

  • are you eager to engage and impact lives in rural communities?
  • do you work well in an intercultural team?
  • are you willing to take on a challenging role that will provide new skills and experience, while creating lasting impact?
  • are you willing to spend 3 months in a rural setting in Zambia?
  • are you hoping to practice Jewish values through service?
  • The program will provide a Kosher and Shabbat friendly environment.
  • please take the time to review the volunteer roles below and sign up only for roles you are qualified for!

Logistics and structure


Participants will spend 3 months in Zambia as a group, dividing their time between service roles within projects with Tevel's local partners, and a fully facilitated and subsidized academic program run by Tevel's Israeli staff.

After a one week orientation and opening seminar participants will travel to their respective project sites as smaller groups, and receive professional onboarding and orientation for their specific roles. Periodically the cohort will convene for weekend seminars.


Volunteers will participate in a unique academic and professional curriculum, contextualizing the service across several disciplines, in addition to providing practical tools and experience. Starting from pre-flight zoom sessions and recommended readings, through in-country orientation and onboarding, followed by weekly sessions and monthly weekend seminars and concluding in an end seminar, participants will engage in an array of activities and training across the following themes:

  • International Development – Ethics, History and Politics
  • Tikkun Olam – Social Justice in the Jewish Tradition
  • Local Challenges, Global Context
  • Storytelling and Advocacy training
  • Research project – assessing impact and best practices in the field

Logistics and Costs

Accommodation, food transportation and  programming  are all planned by Tevel staff and with support of our local partners. Participants will share rural living arrangements within small co-ed groups. Limited power and network access, no indoor plumbing and limited access to services and food selection should be expected.

Transportation will be based on Tevel's vehicles (self driving), public transport, rented vans, bicycles and walking.

The program is 80% subsidized through our partnership with the Israeli Shalom-Corps, covering all costs of accommodation, ground transportation, food and educational programming. Participants are expected to cover their own International travel and participation fee of $900 ($10 a day, for 90 days), in addition to Visa and insurance costs.


Further Details​


Apply for the program - please review the Volunteer Role Descriptions!

We will be holding a monthly Q&A session for applicants. To receive invitations please leave your details in the form below.
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