Production Unit

Tevel’s model integrates a production unit on our demonstration farm which funds community investments including critical infrastructure for long-term viability.

Location: Zambia

Tevel’s comprehensive model integrates the establishment of a production unit on our project’s demonstration farm, strategically designed to sustain the Mphande project’s growth. The project’s proceeds will be channeled to support various community and farming family investments, including critical infrastructure like boreholes, irrigation systems, and reservoirs. Future initiatives aim to diversify crop cultivation, incorporating crops like butternut squash, potatoes, and green maize. This sustainable approach ensures the project’s long-term viability well beyond Tevel’s initial involvement, emphasizing sustainability, scalability, and replicability. Qquaculture and poultry activities will soon be incorporated into the production unit project and further providing Youth Service Program participants with the opportunity to acquire valuable knowledge for community education. Tevel’s team of agronomists  oversee the production unit, ensuring its efficient operation and alignment with project goals.

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