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Professional Development Practice, With Jewish Spirit

We believe that quick-fixes just don’t work in the developing world. Therefore we use a long-term intervention method that looks at a community as a whole, and addresses issues such as education, agriculture, health and women’s empowerment in a holistic way.

We want to learn from those whom we also want to help. Therefore our projects are led by local staff and community leaders, enhanced and enriched by the work of our volunteers. We believe that changing the world means changing our own society and the ways in which we live and think, as much as helping impoverished people in developing countries.

Future programs

Join Tevel on a 3-Week Work Study Program in Nepal!

Tevel b'Tzedek invites you to join our 3-week volunteer experience in Nepal. The program includes homestay and immersion into Nepali culture and language in the beautiful village of Ghiring, two hours from Pokhara. The cost for the program is $900 including transportation, traditional Nepali meals and lodging as well as and work and study with Tevel's Nepali and Israeli staff.

Starting: November 19, 2023
Location: Nepal

The University of Haifa offers a new Master's Degree in Jewish Social and Environmental Sustainability, including an internship in Zambia under the guidance of Israeli partner NGO Tevel b’Tzedek. The curriculum offers coursework in the fields of Judaism, social justice, the environment, and the connections and balances between them. This track will be open to international students as well as Israeli students. The students will study for two semesters in Israel, and in the third, those interested will specialize within the organization ‘Tevel b’Tzedek' (in Zambia).

Starting: September 1, 2023
Location: Zambia

Tevel can organize special volunteer opportunities for groups, organizations, federations, and more. Please contact us if you are interested in having Tevel design a volunteer program for your group, including hands-on experience in creating sustainable change for rural communities in combination with Jewish learning.

Location: Zambia

As part of our commitment to education and professional development, we offer internships to bachelor’s and master’s students from universities in Israel and around the world. These internships provide an opportunity for students to learn about an NGO's inner workings and gain hands-on experience in project planning and execution, as well as research and evaluation. We are open to tailoring an internship according to the skills and interests of the candidate, in addition to the NGO’s needs. Most internships last about 3 months and can be completed in Israel or Zambia, providing a unique cross-cultural learning experience. Please write us for more information!

Location: Zambia

Join a group of like-minded adventurers and activists in a life-changing service learning experience in rural Zambia. Work alongside local and international activists to create sustainable change for rural communities while participating in Tevel’s training experience, introducing you to one of the most important movements on the current global agenda – ensuring that all mankind has a chance for a full and dignified life, including ample food and clean water, no matter who they are and where they live.

Location: Zambia


Volunteers spend 3 months in Zambia as a group, dividing their time between service roles within projects with Tevel’s local partners, and a fully facilitated and subsidized academic program run by Tevel’s Israeli staff. International Development – Ethics, History and Politics Tikkun Olam – Social Justice in the Jewish Tradition. Local Challenges, Global Context Storytelling and Advocacy training Research project – assessing impact and best practices in the field.


Volunteers participate in a unique academic and professional curriculum, contextualizing the service across several disciplines, in addition to providing practical tools and experience. Participants engage in an array of activities and training across the following themes: International Development – Ethics, History and Politics Tikkun Olam – Social Justice in the Jewish Tradition. Local Challenges, Global Context Storytelling and Advocacy training Research project – assessing impact and best practices in the field.

Logistics and Costs

Accommodation, food transportation and programming are all planned by Tevel staff and with support of our local partners.

Participants share rural living arrangements within small co-ed groups. Costs include international flight, accommodation, ground transportation, food and educational programming.

Application process

We aim to provide impact for our community partners, and at the same time create a safe and enriching experience for our participants. Tevel will be selecting participants for our programs through a short but comprehensive application process. We seek participants who are eager to contribute but also prepared to learn and develop through the experience. Please note that acceptance to the program is conditioned on full participation in the selection process, proof of purchase of air travel and payment of participation fees. - Registration form completion including a 1 minute introduction video. The process will be managed remotely.

Service Areas

Youth empowerment- whether it be through business and entrepreneurship training, financial literacy lessons, or carpentry workshops, we work with youth in rural communities on enhancing their skills and developing professional tools. Farming cooperatives- working with local organizations we offer farming cooperatives help and training in administration, IT and financial literacy.

Closed Programs

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