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Holistic and comprehensive approach

Tevel’s dynamic methodology is dedicated to catalyzing the transformation of rural villages. Unlike many conventional approaches that focus solely on isolated challenges, our holistic methodology adopts an interconnected model comprising eight essential components, guiding entire villages out of crisis toward opportunity.

Tevel’s  multifaceted approach encompasses agricultural teaching, proactive community outreach, heightened capacity for nutritional diversity, and the promotion of livelihood development through small-scale farming initiatives. This framework is a pathway for change towards resilience and prosperity for these communities. 

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Youth at the Center

Empowering youth lies at the heart of Tevel’s mission. In Zambia, as in many parts of the Global South, the majority of the population comprises young individuals who often face limited educational opportunities and uncertain futures. Tevel’s Youth Service Program (YSP) serves as a transformative force, turning these young participants into a network capable of igniting positive change across the entire community. The genesis of the YSP program can be traced back to the aftermath of the devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal. It was born out of a profound concern that the displacement of young people due to the destruction of their village homes might force them into precarious urban slum migrations. Seven years later, YSP participants have evolved into influential change-makers within their communities. They actively engage in sustainable farming practices, including integrated pest management and micro-irrigation, and have successfully established approximately 1000 small-scale kitchen gardens and 80 commercial farms. Graduates of the program, including women, have gone on to lead in local politics and as pioneers in entrepreneurial innovation. Through the YSP, Tevel harnesses the potential of youth and fosters community-wide transformation.

Youth Service Program

Tevel’s Youth Service Program (YSP) empowers young people in their village, turning participants into influential change-makers engaged in whole-community transformation through sustainable farming practices and community leadership

Location: Zambia
Roneet Carmell Training Farm

Tevel’s training farm serves as the central hub for our activities, providing a space for comprehensive agricultural instruction, practical demonstrations, and Youth Service Program (YSP) training.

Location: Zambia

Tevel employs a comprehensive approach to sustainable agriculture including climate-smart training for farmers and interest-free loans for inputs. Ongoing support from Youth Service Program participants and agronomists ensures effective implementation, with flexible repayment options.

Location: Zambia
Anti-Malaria Initiative 

Tevel’s initiative to combat malaria includes distribution of nets, spraying, community education, and training for Community Health Volunteers to conduct malaria tests and distribute medications.

Location: Zambia
The Present Condition of Rural Villages

Tevel’s model integrates a production unit on our demonstration farm which funds community investments including critical infrastructure for long-term viability.

Location: Zambia
Enhancing Agricultural Capacity

Tevel enhances local farmers’ nutritional capacity through community outreach, agricultural training, and the transition to small-scale agriculture.

Location: Zambia
Access to Water

Tevel provides new water sources, such as a reservoir and boreholes, facilitate year-round farming. Coupled with collective input purchasing, market optimization, and training initiatives, these resources empower small-scale farmers, fostering increased agricultural productivity and income.

Location: Zambia
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