Enhancing Agricultural Capacity

Tevel enhances local farmers’ nutritional capacity through community outreach, agricultural training, and the transition to small-scale agriculture.

Location: Zambia

Through community outreach, agricultural training, and transition from subsistence farming to small-scale agriculture, Tevel helps enhance the nutritional capacity of local farmers. YSPs play a vital role in this endeavor, offering agricultural training and providing essential inputs such as seeds, agricultural tools and fertilizers to community members.  Tevel is poised to expand its impact by creating 300 to 500 kitchen gardens within village homes in Mphande. These gardens will serve as a source of fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs for local residents, enriching their diets and combating malnutrition. Kitchen gardens are a win-win for women in the community who tend to the gardens, as they contribute essential vitamins and minerals to their families while also generating income for the household. These gardens have proven to be an effective means of redistributing power within families, reducing household stress associated with poverty and malnutrition, ultimately leading to a decrease in gender-based violence.

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