Roneet Carmell Training Farm

Tevel’s training farm serves as the central hub for our activities, providing a space for comprehensive agricultural instruction, practical demonstrations, and Youth Service Program (YSP) training.

Location: Zambia

Situated on Tevel’s 10-hectare farm, the Roneet Carmell Training Center is the central hub of our activities. The farm, in addition to two other village sites, serves as a dedicated space for the Youth Service Program (YSP) training and provides comprehensive agricultural instruction and practical demonstrations for the village area. The farm’s land is strategically used for the cultivation of a production unit, which generates dividends for project expansion. A recently constructed rainwater reservoir will ensure year-round irrigation and planned additions include a fish pond and poultry coops with solar-powered incubators will further enhance our production unit while providing aquaculture and poultry demonstrations for the community. Greenhouse facilities on our farm provide seedling for the community and conservation farming demonstrations, as part of our inputs project, enhance earning potential for village farmers. Integrated facilities, like dormitories for agronomists, interns, and volunteers, support ongoing access for guidance, oversight, and on-the-spot assistance, reinforcing their role in project support.

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