Youth Service Program

Tevel’s Youth Service Program (YSP) empowers young people in their village, turning participants into influential change-makers engaged in whole-community transformation through sustainable farming practices and community leadership

Location: Zambia

How it works

In collaboration with local partners and experts Tevel works closely with Youth Service Participants (YSP), equipping them with essential skills and tools to cultivate sustainable livelihoods within their villages. In addition to receiving guidance and leadership training, this cadre of youth receive a stipend and a grant at the end of their service in exchange for a commitment to full-time work over two years. Under the mentorship of professional agronomists, YSPs pass on their knowledge to every household, providing training in conservation farming and financial literacy.

YSPs introduce financing options available to small-scale farmers, facilitate the formation of savings groups, fortify existing community institutions, and establish new ones. In connection with Tevel’s new inputs projects, village farmers receive real-time support in the adoption of climate-smart agricultural practices from YSP participants directly on their fields. This process builds trust between the community and the YSPs, who continue to assist village residents in the creation of savings groups, the development of kitchen gardens, and the establishment of poultry and aquaculture farms, among other ventures. Crucially, participants in the YSP program, already village residents, have a high chance of  remaining in the village, ensuring its socioeconomic development well beyond the duration of Tevel’s intervention.

Upon successful completion of the program,  participants not only gain valuable skills but are also eligible for financial support to kickstart their agro-business ventures in the village. This support may come in the form of a grant, a loan, or a combination of both, empowering them to contribute to the local economy and ensure sustainable development. Additionally, participants have the option to use the funds for further education, fostering continuous personal and community growth. This holistic approach aims to create a lasting impact on individuals and the community, promoting economic resilience and advancement.

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