Access to Water

Tevel provides new water sources, such as a reservoir and boreholes, facilitate year-round farming. Coupled with collective input purchasing, market optimization, and training initiatives, these resources empower small-scale farmers, fostering increased agricultural productivity and income.

Location: Zambia

Tevel’s work creates a dynamic ecosystem that supports sustainable livelihoods in the Global South. In Mphande, Zambia, where Tevel has launched its model initiative,  a reservoir has been constructed on our training farm and demonstration plots. Water from the reservoir will irrigate land used for our production unit and as a platform for community demonstrations and agricultural training. By introducing a combination of boreholes and small small reservoirs on community land, individual farmers will gain the ability to cultivate crops during the dry season. Tevel will facilitate collective purchasing of inputs, leading to substantial cost reductions. This collaborative approach also enables small-scale farmers to benefit from government assistance in acquiring essential resources like fertilizer and seeds. Through financial literacy and market analysis training, the farmers of Mphande acquire valuable insights into crop selection and market timing, ultimately optimizing their yield and income. By collectively bringing their products to market, small-scale farmers minimize marketing expenses and secure better prices for their crops.

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