Providing Water and Irrigation Infrastructure

Location: Zambia

Access to water year-round is one of the most serious limiting factors for smallholder farmers in Zambia. Climate change has exacerbated matters causing drought and sometimes flooding. Moreover, smallholder farmers are often not aware of the amounts of water needed for different crops leading to over or under watering. In Mphande, Tevel helps smallholder farmers access water through borehole drilling with a solar-powered irrigation system, drip irrigation, reservoirs and more. Our experts advise farmers on dryland agricultural techniques based on their experience in desert studies in Israel.

In Mphande, Tevel has dug a borehole in the center of the village, yielding enough to provide clean drinking water for the village and their animals and for irrigating part of our demonstration and implementation farmland there. Until now, villagers have walked as far as 4 kilometers each way for water several times a day, and the water was not safe from disease.

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