Inputs Project

Tevel employs a comprehensive approach to sustainable agriculture including climate-smart training for farmers and interest-free loans for inputs. Ongoing support from Youth Service Program participants and agronomists ensures effective implementation, with flexible repayment options.

Location: Zambia

Tevel implements a robust approach to sustainable agriculture, beginning with an extensive training program in climate-smart agricultural practices. Following this training, farmers receive interest-free loans to acquire high-quality inputs and fertilizers. A key element of this initiative involves regular farm visits conducted by Youth Service Program (YSP) participants and agronomists. This ongoing support addresses various challenges, including pest infestations, and ensures the correct application of fertilizers. Farmers benefit from repayment flexibility, enabling them to repay loans in cash or through maize, stored and managed by Tevel in our bulking center before reaching the market. This holistic approach establishes a continuous feedback loop of knowledge and expertise. The significance of this program is underscored by the Zambian government’s substantial spending on inputs, lacking training and monitoring. By showcasing the impact of our training and monitoring approach, Tevel aims to influence government policies and encourage widespread adoption, fostering community prosperity and resilience.

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