Anti-Malaria Initiative 

Tevel’s initiative to combat malaria includes distribution of nets, spraying, community education, and training for Community Health Volunteers to conduct malaria tests and distribute medications.

Location: Zambia

In Mphande, Zambia where Tevel’s model project is centered, lack of access to health centers for medical tests and treatment has left community members vulnerable to recurrent malaria outbreaks with serious health consequences and significant absenteeism from work and school. In response to this urgent need, Tevel has initiated an antimalarial campaign that begins with the training of Community Health Volunteers who will soon be able to conduct malaria tests and distribute life-saving medications, ensuring that village residents have access to essential treatments. Tevel has will soon establish a memorandum of understanding with the District Health Office, facilitating the distribution of Insecticide-Treated Nets (ITNs), the indoor spraying of insecticides in households and near water sources, as well as community education through trained health volunteers. Efforts to map stagnant water sources and introduce gomboza fish to control mosquito larvae are in the pipeline. This comprehensive initiative, bolstered by the training of community health workers and collaboration with the Ministry of Health, aims to combat malaria, raise awareness, and establish more effective healthcare connections for the village, thus contributing to the overall well-being of the community.

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