Join Tevel on a 3-Week Work Study Program in Nepal!

Work Study in Nepal

Tevel b’Tzedek invites you to join our 3-week volunteer experience in Nepal. The program includes homestay and immersion into Nepali culture and language in the beautiful village of Ghiring, two hours from Pokhara. The cost for the program is $900 including transportation, traditional Nepali meals and lodging as well as and work and study with Tevel’s Nepali and Israeli staff.

Registration now open for the dates:
19/11- 10/12/23

For more information and to apply contact us at:

עמותת תבל בצדק מזמינה אתכם לחוות את נפאל מבפנים

מעוניינת להתנדב, להתארח וללמוד תרבות ושפה נפאלית בכפר יפיפיה בהרי נפאל

עמותת תבל בצדק פועלת מאז 2007 בפיתוח קהילתי וחקלאות במדינות בדרום הגלובלי. מאז 2013 הפעילה העמותה תוכנית בת שלושה שבועות עד חודש למתנדבים בכפרים מרוחקים בנפאל. לאורך השנים התנדבו בתוכנית למעלה מ-1500 צעירים ישרלאים ויהודים, אשר גרו עם משפחות מקומיות, למדו את השפה והתרבות הנפאלית ועבדו בפרויקטים של חקלאות, אוריינות פיננסית והעצמת נשים

אחרי הפסקה ארוכה אנחנו מתחילים מחדש בכפר היפהפה גירינג

התוכנית הקרובה תארך שלושה שבועות ותכלול ארוחות ולינה בבתים נפאליים מסורתיים, וכן עבודה ולימוד עם הצוות הנפאלי והישראלי של תבל. מחירה כולל של התוכנית היא 900 דולר, וכולל נסיעות, מגורים, וסעודות

הירשמו בהקדם, ההרשמה פתוחה למחזורים הקרובים

לפרטים נוספים ולהגשת מועמדות

Location: Nepal
Starting: November 19, 2023
Ending: December 10, 2023

Program Partners

This program is funded in partnership with

Pears Foundation

shalom corps logo

Shalom Corps

Who should apply?

Outstanding opportunity for aspiring development practitioners, farmers, entrepreneurs, educators and activists.

Students who have earned their BA and are interested in pursuing graduate studies in the field of Jewish Studies in one of Israel’s leading Universities, and are also interested in engaging their Jewish Values in a Global activism setting. The successful applicant should be ready for a fascinating and rigorous academic experience in Haifa, followed by a transformative experience serving vulnerable communities with piers in rural Zambia.

Logistics and structure


  • Support life-changing work - Participants will be assigned to specific projects, based on interests and aptitude, pertaining to economic development, agriculture, leadership, gender equality, and WASH. 
  • Education and thought - Learn approaches to international development and explore the environmental challenges Africa faces, how to foster community resilience, and social and environmental justice in the Jewish tradition. 
  • A network for change - The program creates a community of activists, advocates, innovators, and practitioners who consider the transformation of smallholder communities an urgent task for all humanity.


The Overall structure of the program will be divided between a full academic year – two semesters, with one whole day of courses per week- and a semester with Tevel b’Tzedek in Zambia.

The MA in Jewish Studies, is a 36 point (9 classes) degree. The MA is earned over two semesters at the University of Haifa (28 points) and a third semester abroad (8 points) in a Tevel b’Tzedek program. The Jewish Studies courses will explore topics relevant to Tevel b’Tzedek, including “Social Justice in the Hebrew Bible,” “Justice and Charity in Rabbinic Literature,” “Community and the ‘Other’ in Medieval Jewish History,” and “Jewish Esotericism: A Magical-Mystery Tour.” Suitable candidates may also take courses offered by the University of Haifa’s International Program  including the ‘MBA with Specialization in Sustainability,’ ‘Diplomacy Studies,’ and ‘Peace and Conflict Management.’

The Program in Zambia will be divided between a service element, and an academic curriculum.

Logistics and Costs

  • Scholarships (up to 4500$ off tuition) and Small grants for the semester in Zambia.
  • Hybrid study option (via Zoom for the academic part)


Further Details​


Apply for the program - please review the Volunteer Role Descriptions!

We will be holding a monthly Q&A session for applicants. To receive invitations please leave your details in the form below.
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