Partnership with Aardvark

Volunteer and Impact!

Tevel will host participants of Aardvark, a Jewish gap year program in Israel in Nepal for a two-week immersive experience in village community development accompanied by Tevel educational guidance. Tevel is scheduled to host Aardvark in March 2024 in Nepal, pending recruitment, and in 2025 in Zambia.

Location: Zambia
Main service areas: Research, Public Health, Sustainable Agriculture

Logistics and structure

Logistics and Costs

Accommodation, food transportation and programming are all planned by Tevel staff and with support of our local partners.

Participants share rural living arrangements within small co-ed groups. Costs include international flight, accommodation, ground transportation, food and educational programming.

Application process

We aim to provide impact for our community partners, and at the same time create a safe and enriching experience for our participants. Tevel will be selecting participants for our programs through a short but comprehensive application process. We seek participants who are eager to contribute but also prepared to learn and develop through the experience. Please note that acceptance to the program is conditioned on full participation in the selection process, proof of purchase of air travel and payment of participation fees.

Service Areas

Tevel offers a wide range of service areas from youth empowerment to business training, financial literacy lessons, or English lessons. Tevel will further work to incorporate your specific area of expertise into your service learning experience.


Further Details​

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Apply for the program - please review the Volunteer Role Descriptions!

We will be holding a monthly Q&A session for applicants. To receive invitations please leave your details in the form below.
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