Tevel building shelters and rebuilding livelihoods

Meet Anju Rai- 36, Sunita Rai- 18, Nisha rai-26, their home was destroyed in the earthquake, with the help of Tevel they are living in a temporary shelter made of CGI (tine roofing material).

“Though we pay for our rent, it was a great relief to receive CGI sheets from Tevel. At least, we don’t have to sleep outside and shiver in cold”

Anju, Sunita, and Nisha Rai live in Samantar, Rai village of Dhading. They lost their home in the April 25th Earthquake that devastated villages throughout Nepal.  They are currently living in a temporary shelter made of Tin CGI sheets, distributed by Tevel b’Tzedek. In order to make this temporary shelter they rent the land from the landowner; the cost of renting land as well as building materials for rebuilding is unmanageable for the poor across Nepal. Thus, Tevel distributed CGI as a part of our relief efforts, enabling families to build shelters and protecting them from harsh weather conditions. Like Anju, Sunita, and Nisha, thousands of other earthquake affected victims have received CGI sheets from Tevel for building temporary shelters.

Tevel building shelters and rebuilding livelihoods

Anju, Sunita, and Nisha are active members in Tevel’s Women’s Empowerment group. Tevel has already begun working on livelihood and income generating projects with women’s groups in earthquake affected communities. An important asset to women is their livestock, which contribute to both the family’s nutrition as well as income. Unfortunately, many barns were destroyed in the earthquake, leaving animals exposed to the elements at risk for diseases and death. Temporary barns for livestock are also an important part of recovery, “we also used some CGI sheets to make temporary shelter for our cattle who lost their sheds in earthquake.”

The CGI provided by Tevel provides shelter for families, and protects families’ livelihoods, helping them to recover and rebuild their lives.

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