Piles of debris to sturdy shelter

Piles of debris to sturdy shelter

Meet Purna (age 50) Kanchi (age 70) and Asha (age 20) residents of the Mahadev Bhesi Village, which was badly damaged in the devastating April and May earthquakes.

Purna works in the nearby stone quarry, and was working there when the first earthquake hit. “The world started shaking and everyone was screaming. We didn’t know what was happening and everyone ran towards their homes. But when I reached my home, I couldn’t find it. There was nothing left except for piles of mud and stones.”

Luckily Purna’s family was outside when the quake hit. He found them huddled around the ruins of their home, crying. They spent the night shivering in the rain and cold of a makeshift tent.

Shortly after the earthquake Purna and his family received tin roofing (CGI) from Tevel. Despite nationwide shortages, Tevel managed to acquire and distribute the desperately needed materials within a short time.

“Your organization was sent by god for earthquake victims like us. We haven’t rebuilt our house but yet, but at least we have sturdy temporary shelters. There is a shortage of building materials and of course, money. Even if we had money to buy tin roofing sheets, there aren’t any in the market. Thank you.“Tin roofing is a critical material for building temporary shelters as it keeps out the cold, rain, and wind; protecting families from the elements and shielding them from illnesses. When the family is ready to rebuild their home they can re-use the tin sheeting for the roof on their permanent home.

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