Ashalman Younjan talks about joining Tevel’s Youth Service Program

Ashalman Younjan is from Sunapati Gaupalika Ramechhap District, Nepal. Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal, in 2015, Ashalman joined Tevel’s Youth Service Program. During that time he mobilized the community farmer’s group and helped organize other groups too. Through the Youth Service Program Ashalman learned facilitation skills, program planning methods, report writing, and documentation. He was also trained in agricultural techniques through the local farmer’s group. Following his tenure with YSP, Ashalman decided to start a goat farm in collaboration with seven people from his community using  knowledge he gained through Tevel’s field staff. Working with goats has motivated him to expand his farm to include other livestock as well. He is planning to add hens and chickens to his farm as soon as he can. He says of his time in the YSP that “practical knowledge and skills along with tools and techniques provide a platform to sustain youth in the village and reduce the migration of the young population to the city.”

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