Health and Hygiene for a Marginalized Community

Health and Hygiene for a Marginalized Community

By Suman Nepali, Kathmandu

Promoting Health and Hygiene in Kama-1, Hilledevi

There are 8 dalit households in Kama-1. They were in immediate need of toilet support. We supported them with plastic toilet pans, toilet pipes, for 6 of the neediest homes.

“The newly constructed temporary toilet has helped me to maintain privacy” Masini BK, age 43

Before this Masini BK didn’t have a toilet in or near her house. Masini along with her two sons, who are in classes 8 and 9, no longer need to defecate in an open field near their home. They were always scared of a passerby seeing them and felt miserable with their condition.

With the supplies provided by Tevel and Nyayik Sansar they were able to build their toilet completely within two days.

“Now I don’t have to care about others. We are all really happy.”

When asked about hand washing, her son Ram demonstrated the six steps to hand washing that they learned from the staff when they distributed the toilet supplies.

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