Helping my people

Helping my people

by Vijaya Pun, the Tevel Fellowship program (now working in relief team, Maneqau, Kavre)

I am working in Nyayik Sansar/Tevel as a fellow in Rammechhap. When the earthquake came, we were in the middle of a picnic that we organized for 60 members of our youth group. It was really hard to digest what was going on.  We ourselves were very nervous and afraid, but we also felt very responsible for the youth we were leading.

We managed to bring all the youth back to their homes safely, but we had no idea about the scope of the quake. We were really shocked when we heard about what happened in Kathmandu and in other places. We were desperate to get back to our families, but we didn’t know if the roads were safe, so we had to stay in the villages for almost four days until we were finally able to start the long journey to our homes. When we finally saw our families safe we felt happier than we had at any time during those long days waiting. We all cried and hugged each other, seeing each other alive.

But we didn’t stay with our families for long, as we were determined to help others. The organization divided us up to visit different areas that were affected by the earthquake to assess their situation and give them medicine and sanitation and hygiene related materials. Seeing the villagers smiling when they received our help made me stronger and encouraged me to keep helping and working for them.

Now I am working in the Manegau village in the Kavre district. We are running activities with youth and children whose schools are closed to allow their parents to focus on rebuilding. We are also helping the families whose homes were destroyed.

Being a Tevel Fellow and getting a chance to help people has given me a strong sense of satisfaction. I am proud of myself that I am able to help my people in a time of need.

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