Tevel brings irrigation to Bhakat Bahadur Rai’s village

Bhakat Bahadur Rai lives in a small village called Samantar about 36 kilometers from Kathmandu . Before Tevel began working in his village, Bhakat, tried to make ends meet for the 5 members of his family. He worked in the fields but due to a lack of water he only earned an average of $100/month, not enough to pay for school fees, food and clothing. They were unable to meet their basic needs. All that changed when Tevel joined with the local government to build a canal in the village. Now farmers can grow enough vegetables to sell in neighboring villages. Thanks to year-round access to irrigation, Bhakat earns about $250 per month. He is able to provide for his family and the children attend school regularly. There is no problem buying food or clothes. Bhakat says: Water has come and saved us!”

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